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Using leading 3D printing technology to offer custom solutions for small businesses - from rapid prototyping to end-use parts

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We are a 3D printing service for all industries

  • Small Businesses
  • Robotics
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture

How Craftcloud is Different

Transparent pricing with no minimum order required

Unlike other 3d printing services, we will never charge you a service fee or require minimum order amounts.

Technologies including FDM, SLA, SLS & MJF

We are always expanding our network in order to offer as many cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and materials as possible.

Global network of pre-vetted partners

We compare prices between manufacturing partners around the world in real time, so you get high-quality parts at the best price.

Use Cases

End-Use Products

Go to market faster and finalize your designs with Craftcloud using our wide range of user-ready materials.

Rapid Prototyping

Iterate on prototypes quickly or test unique materials with our global network of pre-vetted 3D printing partners.

Custom Repairs

Manufacture custom additions or reconstruct damaged parts that may be expensive, obsolete, or difficult to find.

Customer Testimonials

Neil Ramsay
CEO, Montgomery-Ramsay Jewellery
"From its slick interface to its top-notch customer service, Craftcloud makes everything from prototyping to production so much easier. We consider Craftcloud to be an indispensable partner on our design and production journey."
Wolfgang Schröppel
Equipment Development Manager
"Craftcloud provides immediate pricing so you can decide on the spot what material and finish you want to choose. The service is always flawless and prompt."
Khalid Bou-Rabee
Founder, Harambe System
"Craftcloud has been a joy to work with. They reply promptly to support requests and have done a stellar job with every project I have given them. When it comes to quality manufacturing, I highly recommend you try Craftcloud first."
Patrick Jreijiri
Founder, JIRI
"Craftcloud is an amazing service for 3D printing. You can get quotes for your parts, with the materials that you need and place orders literally in seconds. Prototyping has not been easier for us. I advise anyone that has a 3D printing job to be done to go to Craftcloud and get started there."
Nikk Wong
Engineer, Juni
"I was spending weeks jumping from website to website trying to find vendors who could quickly deliver affordable & durable prototypes. After finding Craftcloud I never had to look anywhere else."
Cyril Roudot
CEO, Natuition.com
"Craftcloud is the center for getting several quotations 24/7 even for metal part printing. This introduces a very competitive worldwide market, important for our development process."

Innovation through Craftcloud

See how real companies have used Craftcloud to bring their projects to life

Harambe System Parts
Danco Pliers Prototype
Custom Metal Print
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