About Craftcloud

3D Printing Experts at Every Layer

In 2014, All3DP was founded with the clear goal of bringing something unique to the 3D printing industry, to become the world’s leading magazine for 3D printing.

Years later, that goal has been reached, as more than 1.5 million people visit All3DP.com on a monthly basis, the largest audience for 3D printing in the world. Our readers know that they can rely on us to provide authoritative content and insider knowledge on the topic of additive manufacturing.

Craftcloud, our 3D printing and price comparison service, is built on the same premise: to offer something unique. Through the easy-to-navigate platform, we help connect both consumers and professionals to the world’s leading 3D printing manufacturers.

Our friendly customer support team is always ready to help bring your next 3D printing project to life. We can help you in multiple languages as our support team speak English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese among others.

From small-scale figurines to industry-grade prototypes, we will do everything in our power to guide you towards the right decisions and a successful 3D printing experience.

Worldwide Service – No Additional Costs

Craftcloud is a price comparison service, working in much the same way as Google Flights, Booking.com, or Yahoo Shopping. But instead of tickets, hotels, or general products, we compare prices for having designs 3D printed, providing real-time offers from leading manufacturers around the world.

Using your location and project details, we find the best prices and service providers for your needs. You may even be surprised to learn about local manufacturers in your area, many of whom offer lower prices due to lower shipping costs. In any case, whether local or global, the prices you see come directly from our partners – there are no hidden fees or added costs!

How it works

1. Upload 3D Model
2. Select Material
3. Select Offer
4. Receive Your Parts