Terms of Service

Informal Version

Craftcloud is a 3D printing and price comparison service by All3DP – World’s #1 3D Printing Magazine. With our selection of 3D printing service partners, Craftcloud has production facilities on every continent, ensuring fast and affordable shipping straight to your doorstep. To visualize the 3D model and show the best prices, we must upload the model to our partner 3D printing services. Your data is handled in the strictest confidence. We adhere to US and EU intellectual property laws. When you place an order, it is fulfilled by the partner 3D printing service you have selected. This is why you must agree to their specific terms & conditions. If you are not 100% satisfied with your first order, we offer a money-back guarantee up to the value of $50 USD. This is in addition to the refund policies of our partner services. We welcome any feedback or comments you may have.

Detailed Version

About Us

​Craftcloud, available through the subdomains craftcloud3d.com and print.all3dp.com is a service provided by All3DP GmbH. All3DP GmbH is a company established and registered in Germany, with registered office at 80339 Munich, Ridlerstr. 31A, with registration number HRB 212056; VAT DE 295380789. You can contact us by sending us an email to: [email protected]


Art. 1 Scope

​The following terms of service govern the contractual relationship between the All3DP GmbH, and consumers and businesses (users) who order 3D reproduction services through Craftcloud. Any terms and conditions that conflict with, or deviate from, our Terms Of Service are not accepted. The contract language is English.


Art. 2 Ordering Process and Entering Contract

​The services offered on our website are binding to users once an order for 3D printing has been placed.


​Ordering Process

Craftcloud provides a service that allows the user to generate an order for the reproduction of a 3D model. To do so conveniently, Craftcloud uses a customization system that accesses the information base of 3D printing service provider. The user can upload a 3D model of his or her choice in this configurator. In order to calculate pricing and to check printability, a copy of the 3D model is made available to the connected 3D printing service providers. The model will not be used for any other purpose. After the upload of the 3D model has been completed, the user has the option of selecting material, color, finish, and size. The configurator accesses the information base of the 3D printing service providers connected to the system. The configurator shows all of the options that are available. Options that are not shown are therefore not available. The user can change features selected before submitting the order. During the configuration process, the current price for the selected feature configuration will be shown. Once the user has entered all of the features he or she wants, a summary of the selections made are shown, and if no other changes need to be made, the user can then submit the order and initiate the payment.
After the payment has been made, Craftcloud forwards the order to a 3D printing service. There the order is first checked to make sure that the reproduction is technically feasible. The order only goes into effect if it has been validated. Should the order be deemed technically unfeasible, the user will be informed, and the payment will be refunded by All3DP GmbH.
For the purpose of clarification: The configuration of the 3D object is made available by Craftcloud, and the payment is handled through Craftcloud as well. The 3D reproduction and shipping to the user are handled by the 3D printing service.


Art. 3 Payment and Information Privacy

Payments are processed through the payment service provider STRIPE. Credit card numbers and expiration dates are encrypted before transmission to STRIPE. The data transfer is protected with secure SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer), and neither All3DP GmbH nor any third party has access to the data. All3DP is not further involved in the actual transmission of the payment data. The information will not be reused for any other purpose. The total order amount to be paid will be debited to the user’s account once the order has been validated by our 3D printing service provider’s. Personal data collected and stored constitute proof of order submission and all transactions carried out between the 3D printing service and the user. The data stored by the payment system serve as proof for the financial transactions. The invoices can be viewed in the customer’s account on Stripe’s website.

All3DP GmbH, acts only as an intermediary in the matter of printing orders. The actual printing services requested on the orders are handled by our 3D printing service partners. Thus, partner’s terms and conditions are also in effect. These are our 3D printing service partners and links to their terms of service:

Harp Concepts LLC
Hudson Creative Group
Incremental Engineering
my 3D choice
Precision 3D Printing
3D Extremes
Dream Lab Industries


Art. 4 Customer Information: Storage of Your  Order Data

Your order information (e.g., type of product, price) is stored by our company. After ordering, the user receives an order confirmation by email. Users cannot access their past orders over the Internet. The terms of service can, however, be accessed via our website at any time.


Art. 5 Customer Information: Changes to Orders

Users can change their entries before submitting the order. During the ordering process, users receive information on additional corrections or changes that can be made. The ordering process can be terminated at any time by closing the browser window.


Art. 6 Warranty

​Warranty rights as provided by law.


Art. 7 Limitation of Liability

​We are not liable for negligent breach of duty unless related to contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, damages caused by defect or deficient goods, or warranties or claims under the Product Liability Act. The same applies to breach of duty of our agents and legal representatives. The essential contractual obligations include in particular our obligation to transfer the items to you, making them your property.


Art. 8 User Obligations

By using the online services provided by print.all3dp.com, users warrant that they have all the necessary legal rights when uploading a 3D model to print.all3dp.com and ordering a 3D reproduction. In particular, users warrant that they have the right of use with regard to the 3D model and are not infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties. Under no circumstances shall print.all3dp.com and All3DP GmbH be liable for a user’s infringement of intellectual property rights and shall under no circumstances assume obligations arising from loss and damage claims due to a user’s misuse of 3D models.


Art. 9 Provision for Order Acceptance

All3DP GmbH reserves the right to reject orders for 3D model reproduction if the 3D models or the objects contain or depict any defamatory, derogatory or offensive content, if it is obvious that the reproduction of the 3D model would constitute an abuse of intellectual property rights, if the order involves the reproduction of weapons or parts of weapons or parts suitable to build weapons of any kind or if there are other issues that are not in keeping with the ethical principles of management at All3DP GmbH or if, due to current legislation, it is prohibited to produce or distribute the item in question or, otherwise, only with the permission of the respective authorities. The decision as to whether or not to reject a 3D reproduction order is the sole responsibility of All3DP.


Art. 10 First Order Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your first order, we offer a “Money Back Guarantee” up to the value of $50 USD. Subsequent orders do not qualify for this guarantee.


Art. 11 Commercial Jurisdiction

​The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes from this contract is our place of business.



As per 18th of March, 2020